End of DACA?

End of DACA?

Today numerous major news networks were reporting that President Trump was set to announce by Friday that he was ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Former President Obama formed the DACA program through an executive order in 2012. The program allows certain people who were brought here as children illegally or overstayed their visas to obtain a work permit and avoid deportation based solely on their illegal status in the U.S. According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) statistics, over 1.2 million people are currently covered under DACA.

Trump is set to allow DACA to lapse – essentially not renewing the program. Which means that the 1.2 million people who currently have DACA would be in peril. The end of DACA also creates other issues as now the Trump administration has information of the DACA recipients – where they work, live, and their families. Although Trump has claimed that he has a “big heart” for the young people that were granted DACA, it appears that his heart isn’t quite big enough. The fear is that the Trump administration will use all this information for nefarious purposes, such as detaining people and putting them in deportation proceedings.

If the DACA program ends, the only hope for the young people of DACA is the Dream Act. The Dream Act was reintroduced in the Senate and the House in July 2017. The bills are receiving bi-partisan support and would broaden the amount of people that would qualify for the program. This program would give recipients a path to citizenship, which is more than the DACA program provides now.

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