President Obama to Outline Path to Citizenship

Obama to Announce Immigration Plan

January 29, 2013 – President Obama is set to announce an immigration plan today that will outline how many undocumented immigrants can seek citizenship. The path to citizenship is an important issue among both Democrats and Republicans as the President tries to bring both sides together to reach common ground regarding the issue of illegal immigration.

In June of 2012, the President used his executive order powers to grant deferred action for people who were brought over as children and who had little or no criminal record. Although this order did not give people any sort of status in the United States, it did allow people to apply for a work permit, which would have never been available to them in the current immigration system.

It will be interesting to see what President Obama’s plan includes. Under President Obama, there have been a record number of deportations – more than any other president. Only time will tell if that number continues to climb or if the Department of Homeland Security Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will cooperate with the Obama Administration and focus on enforcement priorities, including criminal aliens.

Talk to an attorney to explore the opportunities that will soon be available for immigrants, both documented and undocumented alike.

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